About the Programme

The aim of the Department of Public Relations and Publicity is to educate contemporary practitioners who can combine theoretical knowledge and practice of the profession and who apprehend the economical, ethical and legal aspects of the training with the lectures, workshops and projects including strategy and practice processes of public relations and advertising fields.

Both theoretical and practical courses as well as the compulsory section of the final projects and internship opportunities make students internalise and better understand this framework. Master's Programme in Marketing Communication within the department in this area is an important indicator of our understanding.

To educate students who have a related knowledge to determine the location and definition of public relations within the scope of communication, who can identify the work area, who have a high responsibility to the environment as well as providing the social infrastructure of applied and theoretical activities and aware of the side concepts.

To improve on a line which aims to train individuals who can develop the field of communication based on presentation and expression with the original project designs with the use of new media and social responsibility activities, who can identify the boundaries between public relations, advertising and marketing via proposing solutions to problems and who follow the agenda.