Occupational Profile of Graduates

The field of work for architects who gets responsibility to create healthy, safe environment for people is not explicit. Architecture extends its field to be effective; which contains a lot of different disciplines like art, technology, sociology, history, design.

Graduate learners do not work in similar jobs while practicing their occupation. They can work in different fields like, city planners, urban designers, advisors, employer, construction specialist, researchers, instructors, writers or thinkers about architecture.

Architects are in active coordination in all processes of every place where human lives from design to construction, from usage to maintenance. Especially they take an important role in designing the environment of the future with their worries about the problems of fast destroying environment. They can generate creative solutions by the needs of the country by their knowledge about architectural design from the smallest sized/scaled till the biggest sized/scaled projects.

Learners who graduate from Master of Architecture Program can go for an academic career, or carry out their production in their own office, or be assigned in a private firm or in public corporation, or can contribute to construction industry with their knowledge and using of technology by applications.