Key Learning Outcomes

1 Transfers the architectural knowledge and designs in a systematic way
2 Analyzes and evaluates architectural notions critically
3 Produces new ideas by developing the acquired information.
4 Drives information and skills in interdisciplinary projects to produce new ideas.
5 Understands cultural differences and uses the information in architectural design process.
6 Contributes to sustainable design processes with searching the potentials of environmental systems
7 Takes responsibility in searching complicated solutions to architectural problems
8 Works in interdisciplinary groups to produce the solutions about security.
9 Understands and interprets the environmental systems to improve the life quality and transfers these information to design process
10 Uses the information related with architectural design in solving problems and innovative designs.
11 Follows technological innovations for solving problems and uses them in applications
12 Takes the responsibility for solving the architectural design problems as the leader of team.
13 Gains the awareness of taking responsibility in searching, gathering, interpreting and publishing the architectural information
14 Gains the ability and knowledge to provide personal security in architectural design works
15 Gains the ability to understand and apply the ethical responsibilities in academic and practical studies.