About the Programme

Profession of architecture stands out with the selection as an expert area like medicine, law to evaluate the competence of specialized areas in the process of EU. These professions are in a close relationship with people and health of people.

Architecture, whose history based on ancient times, has been a pioneer in creation of civilizations.  Today, because of growing urban areas, transformation of demographic structures, environmental problems caused by people, and awareness of cultural heritage preservation, architects take important responsibilities. The working area of architects – who are responsible for the creation of secure environment – is not limited. Architecture is related with various disciplines such as art; technology, social sciences, history and design, and these change and increase rapidly. Architects are the coordinators between the processes of design, construction, usage and maintenance. With concerning the rapidly deteriorating environment, architects take responsibility for design of convenient environment of future.  For that reason, the Master of Architecture Program aims to educate specialized architects who can design in all scales and produce appropriate solutions according to various requirements.

The mission of the program is to educate learners as researchers and environmental- conscious professionals producing knowledge in the fields of environmental planning and design, making the relations between theory and practice and working in the national and international platforms.

The vision of the program is to make contribution for the benefit of the society to configuring architectural environments, which are deteriorated as a result of changes in the ecological balance and rapid urbanization