Key Learning Outcomes

2019-2020 Academic Year

  1. To be able to critically discuss, interpret and use theories, concepts, methods, tools and ideas specific to the fields of Public Relations and Publicity, Advertising and Marketing Communication.
  2. To have social and cultural knowledge and to use this information in the fields covered by the program.
  3. To be able to collect data necessary for the production, dissemination and maintenance of content with scientific methods, to be able to evaluate, report and use data.
  4. To be able to use computer programs and design, information and communication technologies required by the field; have the ability to select and use contemporary tools for field applications.
  5. To be able to develop and implement appropriate strategies and techniques by considering the communication needs of different target audiences while developing solutions for communication problems in the field, and managing this process by taking responsibility individually and as a group member.
  6. To be able to develop original ideas for corporate and individual communication needs, to manage the creative process in line with the communication needs, to have an entrepreneurial and innovative approach.
  7. To be able to follow the current national and international developments in the field, to evaluate the practices of the sector critically and to have knowledge of the features and structures of the institutions which are active in the field.
  8. To be able to consider professional ethical values, social responsibility principles, legislation, quality standards and occupational health and safety principles while evaluating and managing projects related to the field.
  9. To be able to look at the communication needs of an institution integrally, to find solutions to these needs from an interdisciplinary point of view, to have a culture of working together.
  10. To have effective communication skills, to be able to make effective presentations, to behave according to the rules of social conduct.
  11.  To be able to follow information, techniques, methods, research and communicate with colleagues using a foreign language.