About the Programme

There is an increasing national and global demand in theatre, cinema and other performance arts. Especially the rising interest in the TV series in Turkey has created an available environment for employment of performers. However the emerge of qualified productions are directly related to a qualified education. Acting, as a disciplined field of art and a profession, has been a remarkable domain not only on stage and screen but also in terms of academic studies.

The aim of the Department of Stage Arts/Acting Major in Faculty of Fine Arts in Maltepe University, is to educate creative, social and self reliant artists and academics who are sufficiently equipped to take place in various fields of theatre, cinema and other performance arts and have comprehension of the nature of acting as an art and the ambition to learn and share.

The four year education is distributed into an application process which embodies courses with different focal points. The courses like basic acting skills, role, creative expression on the body, movement, stage combat techniques, acting and character creation, dance, voice and breath awareness, diction, solfege, play reading, dramaturgy and history of drama come together to create the programme. Application looms large in the field of performance. With this perspective the students are furnished with numerous platforms to create a stage time for their own and improve their skills by combining application with theory in personal projects. Besides, the students are also provided with opportunities to work with professionals. Participation, work discipline, respect to the colleagues and principles about the usage of stage and workplaces are valued in terms of the fundamentals of education.

The students of the department are expected to be well-equipped artists. In order to create an independent and improvable art atmosphere, projects including various forms of art are promoted and special attention is given to discussions on contemporary art. Lessons about philosophy of art are given together with other courses.

The academic staff supports students with an effective counseling system in every stage of their education from preparation and projects to performance and evaluation in and out of the class.

The language of the program in the Department of Stage Arts/Acting Major is Turkish.

Our mission is to raise artists and academics who are open to learn, compatible with surroundings, dependent on ethics principles, and who develop sense of responsibility, have information and skills for all artistic and academic studies and comprehend all details of performing arts in terms of independent and creative ideas.

Our vision is to become a department which is preferred in national and international art platforms, be open to creativity and new art approaches, also become a model in our country by having the best acting education and providing all these with our activities.