About the Programme

Accepting students since 2005-2006 academic year, the main objective of the Department of International Relations and the EU is providing its students with the required infrastructure knowledge regarding the structure, functioning, and the actors of international relations and the EU. Therefore, it is our priority to enable our students to analyze current events through a humanitarian and peaceful conceptual perspective by finding relations between developments in world and Turkish politics.  

Our students, who have fulfilled their obligations in the curriculum, our graduates have opportunity to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , International Organizations, EU institutions, international corporations , and related politics and external relations  units of the media sector. 

The department’s curriculum has been prepared in an interdisciplinary manner. The experienced academic staff of the department has competency to equip the students with knowledge in the fields of the International Relations, Political Sciences, Political History, International Law and the European Studies. Academic consulting services will be provided to each student during their academic period by all of the permanent academic staff members.

Due to cooperation with the other departments at the process of preparing the curriculum, students of the Department of International Relations and the EU have opportunities to achieve double major degrees and minor degrees. 

Our mission is to educate students who politically and economically investigate the current international, regional and domestic developments; so to gain a point of view in terms of scientific analysis about strategic researches, issuing publications and introduce consultations.    

The vision of the Department of International Relations and European Union is to become a department that is carrying out comprehensive and various researches on International Relations and European Union by giving importance on becoming regional expert and extended command on foreign policy issues.