About the Programme

The Master’s Programme in Radio, Television and Cinema within the body of School of Social Sciences of Maltepe University consists of courses and projects addressing theoretical and methodological approaches and intellectual developments in the field of communication and media studies. The program promotes an ethical approach to production process of the visual and audial media products. By emphasizing the social importance of media; and the significance of following the developments in the field, the Programme, with its expert faculty, aims to train individuals presenting a critical understanding of new developments, and theoretical and methodological approaches. Unlike the traditional approaches, the Programme presents an integrated understanding of “theory”, “research” and “application”. Thus it emphasizes the connection of the fundamental concepts and theories with real life examples and case studies. A great number of elective courses from various  fields strengthen the interdisciplinary nature of the programme by allowing student define their field of expertise.

Master’s Programme in Radio, Television, and Cinema is structured around the degrees “with thesis” and “without thesis”. The students of the Programme with thesis are required to receive a number of courses with total of 60 ECTS credits. The curriculum of the Programme is in Turkish.

Master’s Programme in Radio, Television and Cinema (with thesis) presents an interdisciplinary approach to media studies and creates opportunities for the development of individual programs with various theoretical and practical courses. 

Master’s Programme in Radio, Television and Cinema (with thesis) aims to contribute the development of the individuals who are able to define the field of communication in national and international arenas of the technologically advanced 21st century.