About the Programme

The M.S. Program in Restoration is aimed at training graduate students for conservation and restoration of cultural properties and historic environments, and to improve current professional practice in the field.  Recognition and investigation of national and international cultural values, definition of problems of conservation, solving related problems, creating conservation culture through the production and sharing of information relating to architectural heritage, constitute the main objective of this program. Increase in scientific and cultural interest, economic emphasis due to tourism and especially rich cultural heritage in Turkey has led to greater attention to this field.

The M.S. Program in Restoration has started in the academic year 2009-2010. Department of Architecture offers a Master of Science in Restoration (thesis or non-thesis option). Admission is open to all candidates holding a Bachelor's Degree related to the subject. After their acceptance to the M.S in Restoration program, graduates from other disciplines are required to complete preparatory courses from Architecture Graduate program.

The M.S. in Restoration is based on the intersection of the architecture, urban planning, archeology, art history and civil engineering disciplines while using cultural heritage management, inventory, documentation, restoring and restoration projects. The mission is to cultivate responsible, ethical and creative professionals who can develop urban conservation and rehabilitation projects, re-use industrial heritage and the historic environment in their design of new structures according to universal principles while solving problems and creating new projects.

The program aims to create cultural awareness and sensitivity by focusing on the importance of meaning and the scopes of conservation, examining the principles of conservation and the protection of cultural properties.