About the Programme

Occupational Health and Safety programme referring to occupational accidents and diseases that are liable to arise in business life was set up to train technical staff who have knowledge and ability to take responsibility for the occupational safety in all industry and service sectors in the light of technology and information. The main purpose of the programme is to increase the efficiency of labour and worker and to create a healthy and safe environment by minimizing risks in the workplaces. It is also aimed to prevent and reduce occupational accidents by raising all staff’s awareness of occupational accidents and diseases.

It is a programme that lasts for 2 years.

If students meeting the programme requirements successfully acquire the graduation requirements, graduate from the Vocational School of Maltepe University with the title of ‘Occupational Health and Safety Technician’. 

Today the need for the employees of occupational health and safety is on the increase, but, the number of trained technical personnel in Turkey in the field of occupational safety does not meet the need. So it is bound to increase the number of staff who will work in this field and to train and educate them. As occupational health and safety is quite comprehensive, that people and organizations who will offer service have to be made educated and well-informed since protective and preventive services should be made available based on the conditions of the day is highly important.

The Occupational Health and Safety Law has made the employment of occupational health and safety personnel compulsory in the private and public sectors. In accordance with the stated purposes, our mission is to train technicians suitably qualified in industry and service sectors. 

Our programme aims to train technicians who are needed in both public and private sectors in our country and are educated and provided with modern education methods in accordance with today’s requirements so that they will be able to have enough experience in their professional field.