About the Programme

The need for qualified teachers for the better language teaching at all levels has been drastically boosted through new trends that have appeared recently.

In line with the technological innovations leading to a more complex web of educational and economic relationships between countries, we need competent teachers in language teaching more than ever.

The changes mentioned above have necessitated reconsidering the design of  English teaching programs, material design and evaluation, teaching pupils of different age groups. Furthermore, reconsidering  teacher training and development programs as well as training and educating competent researchers in this field has been  indispensible..  

In  English Language Teaching Master’s Program, we primarily aim to provide English language teachers with the  opportunity to gain a researcher identity. We believe that writing a Master’s Degree Thesis which enable the candidates to conduct researches, analyze results and apply the findings to teaching, which will have the biggest share in their professional development. Moreover, it will help them to contribute to foreign language education that is in the process of an immense improvement and innovation.

The mission of English Language Teaching Master’s Program is to train and educate as ELT specialists who can work at any ELT institution in the world and conduct researchers in the field.

To train specialists who can work as a teacher of English at any university throughout the World.