About the Programme

The educational content of this programme is based on converting theoretical knowledge to practical experience, and relies on qualified academic staff that is highly educated in their fields and has experience in the sector.

In this day and age, the traditional approach to business is constantly changing. It is now competitive and customer oriented. Some of the most important things to remember when adapting to the business world are public relations, advertising, and promoting the sector.

In this context, the purpose of an Associate Degree in the Public Relations and Publicity Programme is to provide administrative skills both theoretically and practically and to train graduates to be qualified in their field

The courses in the Associate Degree Programme cover the following: Communication, Advertising, Marketing, Brand Management and Media Planning, and various other courses related to business administration and social sciences.

During the implementation portion of the programme, students are given both theoretical information and practice in courses like media planning, advertising production and management, copywriting, marketing, communication skills, and campaign preparation. The aim is to have students be knowledgeable, experienced, and active participants in the workforce after graduation.