Erasmus Beyanı (2016-2020)


Please describe your institution's international (EU and non-EU) strategy. In your description please explain a) how you choose your partners, b) in which geographical area(s) and c) the most important objectives and target groups of your mobility activities (with regard to staff and students in first, second and third cycles, including study and training, and short cycles). If applicable, also explain how your institution participates in the development of double/multiple/joint degrees. (max. 5000 characters)

Internationalisation is so important as already mentioned in the Strategic Plan which is current from 2011-2015. So, the first aim is to be in Bologna Process and get the ECTS and DS labels. After the efforts Maltepe University has been awarded by the ECTS and DS Labels by the Commission in 2012 which is valid by 2015.

Maltepe University has many plans for student/staff (academic/administrative) under the Programme. It is planned to improve language policy is one of the most important subject for Maltepe University. Is is also persuaded to increase of Project Works with the partner university is one of the already planned target in addition to regular mobility acts. It is expected to be more qualified in education through joining the international academic projects. Within context of quality policy in instruction at home, Maltepe University has issued and implemented a directive of incentive to persuade all academic members. Also arrangements for international and scientific meetings held by Maltepe University are one of the other contributions to quality measures. All the efforts which should be presented transparently in the international platforms are unavoidable.

Maltepe University cares for Internationalism at home and abroad and cross-border communication and all the contributions of those issues. So the following details are issued in the official strategic plans:

-        MU is planning to send every academic/administrative staffs to abroad for the purposes of granted mobility, exchange and all kind of academic mobility.

-        MU is aiming at increase the quantity of bilateral agreement.

-        MU is planning to expand the quantity of beneficiaries as outgoing students.

-         MU is planning to expand the quantity of beneficiaries as incoming students.

-        MU is planning to reach at %100 mobility rate in four (4) years for outgoing academic/administrative staffs, and the following the four years as %60 increase rate is being aimed at.

-        MU is planning to update the bilateral agreements and make two (2) new agreements at least for every year.  

-        MU is planning to reach at %100 mobility rate in four (3) years for outgoing students and the following the three years as %50 increase rate is being aimed at in two years.

-        Maltepe University plans to invite 2 staff from EU institutions in every year.

 Maltepe University (MU) is planning to increase its relations with in context of Erasmus exchanges. MU chooses partners if they have enough courses in English which they expected to have minimum 30 ECTS. And also MU cares for the suitability for matching the courses with its course catalogue. If these mentioned points are available to evaluate MU agrees with cooperation. As to geographical areas for agreement MU does not describe in advanced any specific geographical destinations to make an agreement, MU just prefers the destinations where they mostly labour and study language is English. Right now, MU has target groups for undergraduate degree but also have mobility in the levels of post graduate and doctorate degrees. Instead of having bilateral agreements limited for staff exchange, in the future study mobility is aimed to be involved to agreements.  

Üniversitemizde uluslararasılaşma stratejisi kapsamında çift diploma çalışmaları da başlatılmıştır. Bununla ilgili çalışmalar henüz bir bölümümüzde sonuç vermiştir. Ancak yakın gelecekte bu programların sayısının arttırılması hedeflenmektedir.

Under the internationalism at home Maltepe University has launched a double degree programme at one of the university department. It is planned to increase the quantity for this kind of programme.

 If applicable, please describe your institution's strategy for the organisation and implementation of international (EU and non-EU) cooperation projects in teaching and training in relation to projects implemented under the Programme. (max. 2000 characters)

Maltepe University has strategic plans to improve its capacity for the international projects. Maltepe University consider to continue its partnerships with its partners in the future. Thus the university gives high importance to internationalisation both at home and abroad. The office has high capable staffs for the projects who can actualize this target. The foundation which is in the process of implementing local voluntary projects of the university has also various opportunities to enforce many local projects with EU partners and aims to realise it in the future.

Please explain the expected impact of your participation in the Programme on the modernisation of your institution (for each of the 5 priorities of the Modernisation Agenda*) in terms of the policy objectives you intend to achieve. (max. 3000 characters)

Maltepe University aims to be involved the following principles of modernisation policy:

1 - Maltepe University plans to increase the attainment levels to provide the graduates and researchers Europe needs thorugh its departments, staff and technological opportunities.

2 -  Maltepe University is Improving the quality and relevance of higher education through ECTS and DS labels.

3 - Maltepe University is strengthening quality through mobility and cross-border cooperation with its Partners which it has already done joint projects in EU.

4 - Linking higher education, research and business for excellence and regional development through the Foundation of Maltepe University and the active departments at the University.

5 - Improving governance and funding through much more outgoing student/staff and invinting staff from EU.