Street Children Research and Application Centre

Street Children Research and Application Centre was founded on March 18, 2010 for the first time in Turkey, which represents Turkey in “Street Children Coalition” consisting on 14 reputable organisations from 10 countries.

Street Children Research and Application Centre has been carrying out various application and research projects at national and international level with active student participation under the supervision of our academicians. Street Children Research and Application Centre works on making street children, who are the most fragile groups, adopt to society  as well as it makes contribution to our students’ professional, personal and social development and makes the social, well-equipped and active.

The aims are to:

  • Promote interdisciplinary studies by collaborating mainly with sociology, psychology, social service, philosophy, law and medicine departments, Human and Social Sciences Research and Application Centre and Human Rights Reserach and Application Centre
  • Provide conditions to educate undergraduate and graduate students and scientist and make them publications on street children
  • Have contact with experts of street children in order to spread the knowledge and attract people to this area
  • Create awareness among public opinion and political and social organisations in order to establish effective policies about street children
  • Produce, gain, improve and spread all kinds of knowledge in social sciences in order to improve social service provided to street children and to transfer this knowledge to the all levels of the society
  • Collaborate with governmental and non-governmental organisations to make continuous research in order to improve the quality of service given to street children and create a learning environment making academicians and practitioners meet
  • Make social science studies about street children in order to improve the quality of education in social sciences
  • Plan children rights and children identity studies and research which will make children vocal, show their points of view taking the importance of active children participation to social and political life for a democratic society into consideration.
  • Make necessary studies to improve interest areas of street children and educate them to gain a profession
  • Cooperate with national and international organisations for research and application