Key Learning Outcomes

Before graduation students of this programme:

  1. Has knowledge at expert level in international trade.
  2. Has the ability to analyse and forecast for international trade-related concepts and expertise.
  3. Has information on customs and free zones, insurance and risk management, international marketing, payment and delivery methods.
  4. Know the legal dimensions of international trade.
  5. Has ability to use basic information required in the field of international trade in other related areas and is aware of the importance of interdisciplinary information sharing.
  6. Has the awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship and to have an innovative approach and to improve oneself.
  7. Has the ability to evaluate and analyse with a critical approach with basic professional knowledge and skills in the field of international trade.
  8. Have the consciousness of continuous improvement, occupational health and safety, social responsibility and protection of the environment.
  9. Has knowledge about necessary information and communication technologies.
  10. Has ability of data collection, analysis, synthesis and evaluation, producing and reporting optimal solutions.
  11. Understand the importance of using Turkish in written and oral form and using foreign language when necessary.