Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Have knowledge the basic concepts and knowledge in the fields of banking and insurance.
  2. Have knowledge the information about the development of the banking and insurance sector in the world and Turkey.
  3. Become skills the ability to use economics information.
  4. Have the knowledge and skills to effectively market all banking and insurance products and services.
  5. Learning, analyze and interpret spatial data.
  6. Acquires the ability to interpret the developments in the financial market.
  7. Gains the skill of taking initiative and taking responsibility in the field, individual and team work.
  8. Will be aware of socioeconomic and sociocultural values in business life.
  9. Comply with occupational and social values.
  10. Acquires the ability to produce new and different ideas in terms of entrepreneurship.
  11. Bring solutions to problems that may arise in business life.
  12. Have the ability of lifelong learning and put into practice national and international changes.