Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Learner has fundamental theoretical and applied information in the mathematics, calculation and computer sciences.
  2. Learner makes the coding of the software (coding) information in the different problems.
  3. Learner uses hiLearnerr information in the database management, inquiry and design.
  4. Learner develops projects in the issue of the graphic animation.
  5. Learner develops software regarding the internet programming.
  6. Learner knows general concepts in the issue of the computer networks.
  7. Learner defines the problems in the Computer Programming algorithmically.
  8. Learner generates effective solutions in the applications areas.
  9. Learner uses the techniques and devices required for the Computer Programming applications effectively.
  10. Learner can make studies in the issues of New Technologies.
  11. Learner can establish effective written and verbal communication.
  12. Learner takes individual responsibility and is inclined to teamwork.
  13. Learner takes vocational and ethical responsibility. And has awareness in the issue of the pursuing the vocational ethics in the informatics applications