Key Learning Outcomes

1. Define and produce original solutions to the engineering problems in his field using the acquired knowledge in math, basic sciences, and basic engineering areas
2. Design and develop systems that meets the requirements
3. Use and design Computer Engineering tools and software effectively
4. Follow the national and international scientific studies in the field
5. Participate and can take leadership in his discipline as well as interdisiplinary teamwork
6. Perform scientific studies and publish the results while adhering to ethical values
7. Have the ability to gather information in basic subjects of Computer Engineering
8. Have the oral and written communication skills in Turkish
9. Gather information from different sources
10. Have the ability to work independently and make decision
11. Produce new ideas, have the ability to explain and write about those new ideas
12. Have the ability to effectively use the techniques and the tools to solve modern engineering problems utilizing his in-depth knowledge in the field
13. Produce and manage projects in his field