International Programmes


At MU, students are encouraged to take part in international programmes that could lead to valuable contributions to their future careers. The ERASMUS student exchange programme is one such programme, which is also supported by the European Commission. MU received ERASMUS University Declaration for the first time in 2004 and the first student exchange occurred in 2005. In 2007, an expanded ERASMUS Declaration and ERASMUS Policy Statement (EPS) was granted allowing participation in internships and faculty exchange programmes. Within the scope of agreements secured with different universities throughout Europe, MU students can benefit from both the ERASMUS academic and internship exchange programmes; exchange periods are academically recognised by MU. Moreover, our academicians are also encouraged to pursue the ERASMUS faculty exchange programme, enabling them to gain experience in their area of research or expertise.


Independently of ERASMUS programme, MU has executed academic collaboration protocols with some of the universities domiciled in USA and Germany. Under these protocols, students may spend one or two terms in these countries and the term they will spend in a foreign university will be academically recognised by MU.