Facilities for Otherwise Abled Students

A Disability Support Unit was established to support MU students that have special needs and to ensure that students who are otherwise abled enjoy an equal and accessible academic experience. The primary objectives of the unit are to facilitate the daily educational and practical needs of otherwise abled students’ and to act together to formulate solutions to existing and future problems. Students with orthopaedic issues, hearing and visual impairment and speech disorders can all benefit from the unit’s services. In addition, students suffering from attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, epilepsy and diabetes can also benefit from the services offered by the Disability Support Unit.

Any student that has any disability that would curb his or her academic and/or social life at MU is welcome to make an application to the Disability Support Unit where they will see a specialized academician regarding the issue. Besides, a Commission of Otherwise Abled Students composed of academicians and administrative unit representatives was founded to provide consultancy services for planning and coordinating unit’s activities.

Studies conducted for physical accessibility and accessibility in education have been included in our university’s strategic planning studies. Within this framework, academic advisers of otherwise abled students whose needs and requirements are identified are kept informed. Accessibility information meetings are held and in-service training is provided.