Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

Students, apart from previously taken exams, or their studies, are subject to one final examination. Each semester, the students take ​​at least one midterm exam. Apart from the exams, quizzes can be held without specifying the date.

The evaluation criteria to be taken into account (mid-term exam, homework, final exam, etc.) and their ratios are indicated in the course curriculum and syllabus distributed to students and posted on the website at the beginning of the semester. Final examinations are held on the dates announced by Vocational School  in the specified place and time. Students' semester course grades, midterm exam grades, final exam grades and the grades that take the studies that the students carry out during the semester and the attendance rules into account are given by the instructor in charge of the course. The courses that won’t hold a mid-term and/or final exam are determined by the Department Heads or Vocational School Administrative Office. This information is shared with the Student Affairs’ Office and success in those courses is assessed according to the studies that students carry out during the semester.

The semester course grades, together with the evaluation criteria of success are delivered by the course lecturer to Vocational School Administrative Office. 

Success GradIng

The faculty members use the OIS relative success assessment methodology according to the the 31st, 32nd and 33rd articles of the TC Maltepe University Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree Teaching, Training and Testing Regulation to evaluate each student enrolled in their courses and one of the course grades are given from the table given below as the course grade of students. 

AA, BA, BB, CB and CC mean that the course has been completed successfully. DC and DD grades show that the course has been completed successfully providing that the student has fulfilled the requirements depending on grade average point which was specified in the regulations.

Grade F shows that the student has been unsuccessful.

In the following table, the semester course grade points and the coefficients of the course grade letters are given for the students subject to the regulations of the Y1 and Y2.


Course Grade Points

Semester Course Grades (in letters)




























RepeatIng Courses
Students who have failed a course by getting a Failure (F) or because of Absenteeism, and the students who have taken a course but dropped it later,  have to take the course in the next semester it is opened and must fulfill the conditions of attendance.

RepeatIng the Semester
Students who do not have a score of 2.00 (GPA) repeat the courses that they have passed before with a grade lower than CC, until they reach the required GPA.

Successful Students
Students who get a General Point Average of a minimum of 2.00 at the end of a semester are accepted as “Successful”. The students who get a General Point Average between 3.00 and 3.49 by at least taking the regular course load are accepted as “Honor Students”. Students who get a general point average between 3.50 and 4.00 are accepted as “High Honor Students”.