Centre of Quality Assurance in Education

Our university has structured a Strategic Planning and Evaluation Team which reports to the Centre of Quality Assurance (QA) in Education. The team has made a promising start in the monitoring and development of a quality insurance system and culture in the university.

The process followed by the team does not remove responsibility from the faculties and university.

The focus of the team is intended to ensure the operation and effectiveness of all quality assurance processes. The main objectives of quality monitoring and quality management process are to:

- ensure that course outputs match their purpose, are studentcentred and are updated according to student feedback.

- implement lifelong learning programmes.

- ensure internationalization.

- increase the transparency and accountability of the university.

In general, we intend to meet the demands of the Bologna process, the intentions of the CHE which promises initiatives in this field and the imperatives of all shareholders. To spread the QA culture with in the university we should ensure that the scope of QA is comprehensive

and encompassing mainstream teaching, knowledge transfer, research and continuing education. Additionally, QA culture must encompass the administration, administrative support and the effectiveness of the administrative leadership.

Our quality monitoring and management activities are carried out by adhering to our strategic plan and considering the juxtaposition of our total quality management (TQM) approach with other conventional QA frameworks used in Higher Education. In our TQM policy there are external dimensions which might be pursued,

- external shareholders/industry

- international peer groups (research, subject development)

Our quality team could foster greater coordination with a view to standardise and harmonise

different aspects of the university:

- standardising / harmonising instruments across the University

- monitoring follow-up procedures and data

- collaboration in QA

- updating for improvement

- reporting to the Rectorate.

Finally, the University rightly prioritises the development of a robust quality culture. The Bologna label awarded to our university in 2012 is evidence that this goal is becoming a reality.