Alumni Communication and Career Research Centre

Alumni Contact and Career Research Centre has been undertaking operations for our university students and graduates to realise the dynamics related to business life they are going to attend, to provide the required information and skills while they are drawing career paths, to find jobs suitable for their personal qualifications and aims. These operations have been undertaken in cooperation with faculties,  the other related units of the university, related students clubs, the institutions working in the field of Human Resources and Career department, the related units of other universities, sector representatives and private firms. “Career Day” panels in which professional trends and developments in sectors related to the field of education of our university, have been organized annually. Additionally, personal development seminars where it is aimed at equipping students with the required qualification in job pursing process have also been held. It is also aimed at transferring experiences of personal managers and   Representatives to students in order to help them draw their career paths via professional gatherings. Within the framework of industry-university cooperation, the projects in which associate degree, undergraduate and graduate students take part have been carried out to increase the contact with business life. Support is given increase internship opportunities by cooperating with the faculties providing internship. Both full preparation of the students for business life and the display of their savings acquired in relation to general practices are depend upon the continuity and planning of the communication with them. “Alumni Identification and Cooperation’ is going to present a variety of opportunities for our students after graduation. In this sense, future planning is one of the most significant responsibilities of our university.