About the Programme

Undergraduate Program of Architecture aims to educate professionals who have sufficiencies in architectural vision, creative and original design approach, ability of solving problems about application of designs. Moreover, the grads of the department are capable of working efficiently in groups or individual, updating themselves according to contemporary art, design and technology, to be self-confident and respectful to environment, public and ethics. The target of the program is to be pioneer in the education, preffered national and international platforms, to focus on research and study in the field of architectural design and implementation.

In this regard, the main objective of the program is to train architects who can think critically and creatively. After educated in Undergraduate Program of Architecture in Maltepe University, grads can easily establish relationship between theory, design and application, understand multi-disciplinerary structure of architecture, work coordinately with othe disciplines, have sufficient information about art and technology, define problems and develop solutions and use digital tools efficiently. Grads who are internalized the principle of lifelong learning can easily follow developments in the field and co mmunicate perceptibly in written and verbal language. 

Since 2011-2012 Academic Year, Department of Architecture started training in English.


The mission of the architectural education in Maltepe University is to establish equivalent education system to national and international criteria, to provide required aesthetic, technical, ecological, economic, cultural, historical, social, environmental mediums in the field of theory and practice, to train creative, investigative, innovative specialized architects who can work in inter-disciplinary collaboration and adopt dynamics of era.

The scholars are trained to produce basic knowledge in the field of architecture, to establish the relationship between theory and practice and to investigate. The well-educated grads of the program can easily express themselves in national and international platforms.


The vision of the Department of Architecture as a pioneering institution of national and international education is to improve community awareness of architecture and architecture through the increasing of the quality of life.