About the Programme

Radio, Television and Cinema Department started in 1997 within the capacity of Communication Faculty. The department aims to educate media professionals who are artistically creative, theoretically well informed and practically much experienced. The programme encourages students to develop critical and analytical skills and ethical approaches. Throughout the programme, the students engage in a multi- faceted curriculum with a broad coverage of the theory and practice of cinema, radio and television. The department offers a wide range of opportunities for students to explore potential future career paths in scriptwiriting, directing, cinematography, editing and sound operating.

Throughout the proggramme, the students remain in interaction with the faculty on collaborative projects and workshop and develop their own projects with the latest technology in this field. The graduates of Radio, Television and Cinema Department can pursue career in any sector of radio, cinema, television and multimedia productions.

Radio, Television and Cinema Department in the context of collage and university students participate in different projects and worshops, develop their own projects. 30 - days mandatory internships and garduation projects carried out last year allows students the opportunity to implement their tarinning. Radio, Television and Cinema garduate program, offering and interdisciplinary approach in the field of media and aims to contribute to the theoretical sense.

Radio, Television and Cinema Department students double- major program area and an interdisciplinary minor program in order to strengthen the structure and is encouraged to take elective courses in different faculties. 2008-2010 Erasmus student and Faculty Exchange Program since the program's contribitution to international sense provides its multi-faceted.


The mission of the Radio, Television and Cinema Department is to educate media practitioners who are aware of the power media hold in the society with an interdiciplinary and ethical perspective of media; and to play a significant role in the development of an ethical understanding of media production in the society.


The vision of the Department is to encourage media productions that are supportive of human rights and ethical values; and strenghten the relationships between media, civil society organizations and University.