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Compulsory Courses

SSY601 Film Script

This course initially focuses on a subject matter that could create a theme to work on. After determining the subject matter; the synopsis, the script in progress and the process of script writing techniques will be evaluated and the course will be completed with the final script.

SSY 602 Film Directing

This course focuses on the creative practice of cinema language and its grammar. In this context, the content (script) and the form (cinematographic techniques) will be evaluated and applied.

Elective Courses

SSY 603 The Narrative of Classical Turkish Cinema

This course traces back the birth of Yeşilçam Cinema, its development, its periods, the trends it took part in, the attempts of creating the language of Turkish Cinema, national cinema, white cinema, social realist cinema and the contributions of the directors Muhsin Ertuğrul, Lütfü Akad, Metin Erksan, Halit Refiğ, Memduh Ün, Atıf Yılmaz, Yılmaz Güney, Yücel Çakmaklı and Yavuz Turgul to the Turkish Cinema.

SSY 604 Contemporary Narrative of Turkish Cinema

This course traces the formation of Contemporary Turkish Cinema, its development, its periods, the trends it took part in, the attempts of creating the language of Contemporary Turkish Cinema, dogma-minimalist tendencies and the contributions of independent productions of the directors Derviş Zaim, Zeki Demirkubuz, Reha Erdem, Semih Kaplanoğlu, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Tayfun Pirselimoğlu and  Özcan Alper to the Contemporary Turkish Cinema.

SSY 606 New Approaches to Film Analysis

This lecture will offer another point of view against the dominance of Freudian theories in film studies. With this, Post-Jungian film studies is willing to construct the contemporary theory of cinema. Watching film is a personal experience which spectators, according to individual needs and desires, project and identify with films and their characters.

SSY 608 Documentary Film

This course consists of documentary as a genre, its distinguishing features, functions and its different styles. While the historical development of Documentary Film will be lectured in class, each student will have a process from creating an idea for a documentary to realization of it.

SSY 609 Film Dramaturgy

This course starts from the fact that cinema is an art of narration while tracing the dramaturgical structure of narration in classical techniques and practices.

SSY 610 Cinematographic Practices

This course aims for a director to have technical information, aesthetic concerns and the realization of these skills within turning a detailed script into the sign system of cinematography.

SSY 611 Film Making

In this course, starting from the subject matter of a film, all the table discussions are evaluated.

The process is finalized with a production file to apply for financial support.

SSY 612 Directing for Actor

This course discusses the character creation process of the actor; guides the director about how to lead the actor within the “given conditions”, to determine the needs and propose solutions. 

SSY 613 The Firsts in Turkish Cinema

This course includes all the firsts of Turkish Cinema from the very first Cinema Machine of Lumier Brothers in 1896 and to the first film in Ottoman Empire in 1960. First Turkish film, first female director, first broadcasted Turkish film… All these items will be discussed through the contradictions of history, through the relation between the known aspects and the certain facts and the examples of Turkish Cinema. The course will be completed with a PowerPoint presentation of an elective example or a portrait short film practice of max. 5 minutes.

Proficiency Exam and Thesis Study

SSY 685/685 Proficiency Exam

The students get prepared for the Proficiency Exam that includes all the courses taken.

SSY 691/692/693/694 Doctorate of Art Thesis

After completing the course period and succeed the Proficiency Exam, the students present their thesis proposals to the Thesis Jury and argue and defend a genuine art work supervised by their Counsellor and Thesis Jury.