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eMBAE 502 Management
The purpose of this course is to provide the students with the modern management techniques that are used to sustain competitive advantage for businesses and give them up-to-date information. The main topics of this course are the business environment, organizational structure and management of culture, innovativeness and entrepreneurship, planning and decision-making.

eMBAE 503 Economics
In this course, the concepts of micro and macroeconomics are analyzed. Microeconomic analysis includes the general theory of consumption and production, general equilibrium and welfare theory and income policy. Under macroeconomic analysis, economic doctrines and their evolution, the adjustments of economic policies under systems, national income and development economic theories are discussed.

eMBAE 509 Financial Accounting
This course will explain the preparation of financial statements and accounting records with regards to basic concepts of accounting and the principles of a uniform chart of accounts.

eMBAE 501 Corporate Finance
The purpose of this course is to explain the basic elements of financial management in companies and to consider basic financial decisions and applications under the scope of financial management, investment decisions and financial markets.

eMBAE 504 Marketing
This course will cover the basic principles of marketing, new concepts, marketing planning and management, marketing strategies, marketing information system, consumer behavior, sales and advertisement issues.

eMBAE 505 Human Resources Management
The course will cover a range of subjects from personnel management to human resources management, including the basics of human resources management, the framework of human resources management, the methods and conditions of personnel recruitment, job descriptions, requirements of jobs, performance management, salaries, and career plans.

eMBAE 506 Management Information Systems
This course will examine hardware, software, network, database management systems, e-trade, information security and decision support systems.

eMBAE 507 Supply Chain Management
This course will explain the supply chain, logistics, purchasing, production planning, inventory management, department store, distribution, consumer issues.

eMBAE 508 Strategic Management
This course will explain the stages of strategic decision-making, the components of strategic management, the economic and non-economic aims of a company, SWOT analysis, globalization and global strategies, the implementation of strategies and their evaluation.

eMBAE 510 E-Commerce
This course will explain the importance and dynamics of e-commerce and related concepts, types of e-commerce business models and existing opportunities, e-tailing and e-services, online consumer behavior, online payment systems and security issues, order fulfilment, e-commerce marketing concepts (including e-CRM) and the future of e-commerce activities.