Student Associations (Clubs)

Maltepe University Students Council is serving as a bridge by providing communication between the university management and the students. It ensures students' participation in the decisions made by the management. The election of this council is held democratically in accordance with the Students Council Election Regulations. The chief and the members of the council attend the meetings of Board of Trustees and the Senate and share the opinions and the suggestions of the students with the management. The chief of the council has the right to represent Maltepe University in higher education institution.

Student clubs function with the aim of maintaining students' physical, mental, cultural and artistic improvement and enhancing their abilities and qualities in these fields besides their academic studies. The dean's office holds a meeting with the club chairmen once in fifteen days and evaluates the activities so as to have a healthy communication.

Following are the name of the associations (clubs), short descriptions, e-mails and activities:


Club / e-mail

Aims and Activities


Eurasia Club
[email protected]

To teach and promote cultures and traditions of the Turkic Republics
ACTIVITIES: Conferences “Turkish World and Turkey”, “East Turkistan” “Say Stop to the Crimea in the Crimea”- Concert “Saz and Guitar”


Science and Technology Club
[email protected]

To follow new developments in science and technology and transfer knowledge to friends
ACTIVITIES: Conference “Cyber Security and Hacking Training” - Seminars “Mobile Wars-IOS and Android”, Careers in IT Sector”, “e-commerce”


Nature and Environment Club
[email protected]

To create environmental awareness "Carbon Footstep” - Trip “the Price Islands”-Seminar “Addiction”


Philosophy Club
[email protected]

To evaluate contemporary issues from a philosophical perspective
ACTIVITIES: Philosophy Café


Photography Club
[email protected]

To see life through an object-glass
ACTIVITIES: Trips “Beyoğlu-Tarlabaşı”, “the Prince Islands” - “Photography Workshop”


Harmony Club
[email protected]

To call to mind important days and people that have affected our lives with national and spiritual emotions
ACTIVITIES: Trip“ Darülacaze Kayışdağı”- “Holy Birth Week Hz. Muhammed (as)”


Law Club
[email protected]

To inform about new laps and regulations
ACTIVITIES: Law Films “A Few Good Man”, “Find Me Guilty”, “Flash of Genius”, Panel   “IT Crimes in Practice”


Red Crescent Club
[email protected]

To understand the importance of helps and donations
ACTIVITIES:15-16-17.04.2014 “Blood Donation Campaign”


Book Lovers Club
[email protected]

To make people gain reading habit
ACTIVITIES: Literary discourse analysis “ Efendiler Savaşı (War of Masters) by Fakir Baykurt


Music Club
[email protected]

To make people love all kinds of music
ACTIVITIES: Taking place in all activities organised at the University.


Fashion and Art Club
[email protected]

To make the youth meet with fashion and art ACTIVITIES: “Music and Fashion Show” organised by the students at Spring Fest of the University


Psychology Club
[email protected]

To come together to share about Psychology profession
ACTIVITIES: Conferences “Clinical Psychology”, “Neuropsychology”, “Social Psychology”, “Industrial and Organisational Psychology”, “Criminal Psychology”- Seminar “Murders of Hatred”


Guidance and Psychological Counselling Club
[email protected]

To involve students in activities on the related area and to increase the knowledge of target audience on developing Guidance and Psychological Counselling field
ACTIVITIES: Conferences “Every Brain Can Create”, “Debate Games”, “Psychological Problems in Puberty and Psychotherapy”, “Anxiety Disorders in Young Adults”, “Creative Drama” - Open Air Concert


Social and Cultural Studies Club
[email protected]

To make students see social and cultural activities from a different point of view
ACTIVITIES: Trips “Edirne”, “Bursa” - Conference “The Art of Knowing People”


Sociology Club
[email protected]

To improve and strengthen students’ academic, cultural and social development
ACTIVITIES: Exchange “The Man Fishing on Land”


Sports Club
[email protected]

To invite student to physical activities
ACTIVITIES: “Football Tournament between Faculties”


Tourism and Hotel Management Club [email protected]

To improve service quality in tourism sector
ACTIVITIES: Trips “Fourseasons and Zurich Hotels”- Exchange “with Kıraç”


International relations and EU Club[email protected]

To evaluate all EU issues objectively and to inform students about them
ACTIVITIES: Exchange “Art and Theatre with Müjdat Gezen”