Student Affairs' Office

MU Student Affairs' Office (SAO) functions to perform educational procedures of students and to come up with solutions for their problems and inquiries. Accepting enrolment of the students placed by the Student Selection and Placement Centre, keeping students’ records of academic standing, providing graduation information and issuing other official transactions of a similar nature are handled and exercised by the Student Affairs’ Office.

Necessary documentation for international exchange students are received from the Office of International Affairs and sent over to the Student Affairs’ Office for completing the enrolment procedures.

Personnel assigned to keep track of enrolment procedures for full-time foreign students and exchange students hold office at the SAO.

Contact Info:

Ahmet YILDIZ Acting Head 2571
Nebahat BOZUÇURUM General Coordinator Secretary / Faculty of Medicine Student Affairs' 4440620 (2721)
Fatma ERDOĞDU Officer 2577
Neslihan KIVRAK Officer 2573
Havvanur KOÇAK Officer 2562
Fulya ÇOBAN Officer              2579
Nüket KELÖMEROGLU Officer 2578