Specific Admission Requirements

It is essential for the candidates of the programme:

To hold a diploma of an undergraduate or graduate programme. Applications from outside the field are accepted. Level theory courses are provided when necessity arises.

  • The candidates are required to have a graduate programme diploma or an undergraduate programme diploma.
  • The candidates applying for the programme are not required to have an ALES (Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Exam) degree.
  • The candidates with a graduate or an undergraduate programme diploma are required to have a grade of at least 55 on UDS (Inter-University Foreign Language Exam) in one of the languages listed; English, French or German or to have an equivalent score on an international exam accredited by The Inter-University Institution;
  • To be successful in the interview;
  • Exchange student applications are to be done in accordance with the admission requirements of the agreement signed between Maltepe University and the partner university.
  • Special students can be registered to the courses approved by head of the related department.