Specific Admission Requirements

  • The candidates of the graduate programmes without thesis are required to hold an undergraduate diploma. If the candidates have not graduated yet at the time of their application, their application will be accepted on the condition that they are required to submit their diploma or their graduation certificate by the time they start the programme. Candidates with diplomas from other countries are required to submit the equivalency certificate that they obtained from the Council of Higher Education.
  • Post-Graduate Education Entrance Exam scores (ALES) of candidates must be at least 55 standard points. This can be upgraded by University Senate. The scores of the candidates who have GRE or GMAT result certificates which are accepted as equivalents of ALES by the Council of Higher Education are calculated on the basis of the equivalent score table published by the Council of Higher Education. Those who have completed a master's degree programme and who have applied to another graduate programme again will not be needed ALES score from those who have ALES score required by the programme they are applying for and who have stopped studying at most one semester.
  • English proficiency exam grades are not a requirement for entrance to the graduate programme except for applications made to foreign language teaching programmes.