Specific Admission Requirements

The admission of students to the programmes is made according to the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM – University entrance exam) within the framework set by the regulations of  Higher Education Council (HEC). After students inform the Student Selection and Placement Center about what programs they want to study at, students are placed in the related programmes according to their scores they got from the university exam.

Foreign students are accepted to the related programmes with the scores of internationally acceptable exams such as SAT, ACT or with their high school graduation grades (Undergraduate and Graduate Programs for Foreign Students Admission Guidelines).

The admission of students of General Academic Exchange Protocol to the related programmes are done within the framework of the bilateral agreements (ERASMUS, FARABI, etc) signed between Maltepe University and the partner universities. Guest students may enroll into the courses in this programme, if the related academic unit approves. Sufficient language knowledge is required to monitor the programme.