Profile of the Programme

Since Civil engineering is the oldest engineering field which deals with design, construction and maintenance of the structures that human needs, its application areas are so wide. The most important topics of the interested fields of civil engineering are; constructing buildings, high-rise buildings, dams and water structures, nuclear, thermic and all types of energy stations, highways, bridges, tunnels, railways, airports and seaports, tap water and sewage networks, public transportation infrastructures including tubes and light rail transportation systems, underground and under-water tubes, soil survey and its rehabilitations. Also, the investigation and manufacturing of the materials used in all the structures mentioned, construction management of the projects are the other topics of the interested fields of civil engineering.

In this context, the mission of Civil Engineering programme is to raise engineering graduates not only possessing responsibility to the profession and society needs but also engineers who have the necessary skills in terms of performing civil engineering duties with required knowledge and abilities as well as who can design and develop solutions to real engineering problems.