Profile of the Programme

Interior Architecture Undergraduate Program is a program which trains interior architects, who have powerful artistic and technical background in the basic fields of interior space organization and appliance, can design contemporary and unique interior spaces and space equipments, have the skill of solving the needed details to apply the space/equipments which they designed, can determine and create solutions for the problems which they confront during the project process, can use the necessary computer programs effectively for the contemporary interior architecture applications, have the information and experience in the fields of interior architecture, art and design, who can work at interdiciplinary subjects, who know how to reach the information, who have adopted themselves to life-long learning, can follow developments in their profession and who can communicate literally and orally.

The education model and the program competences (outputs) have been set according to the orders and criterias of UIA (The International Union of Architects), CIDA (Council for Interior Design Accreditation) and MIAK (Architectural Accrediting Board - Turkey)  with a wide perspective and considering the national-international accreditation conditions.

An interdiciplinary education-training model called “Integrated Education-Training Model for Design” has been set up and started to be applied at the beginning of the 2011-2012 Fall semester in Faculty of Architecture. This model gives a common education opportunity to interior architecture students with Architecture and Nautical Design programs. According to this, the students of the Interior Architecture Program take common courses with Architecture and Nautical Design programs for the first year. In the second year, students take common courses only with the Architecture program. All the field elective courses of the three programs in faculty are implemented to this common education model.