Occupational Profile of Graduates

There are various opportunities for the graduates of philosophy programme. The graduates may be employed primarily in educational institutions, national and international associations and firms, visual and written press companies, publication and marketing agencies. After finishing the programme, graduates of the programme will be able to apply to the certificate programmes of Ministry of National Education which contains of pedagogical formation lessons. After that process they are employed as philosophy (group) teachers (Philosophy, Sociology Logic, Psychology, Democracy and Human Rights, Epistemology, Education for Thinking, Anthropology, Social Sciences, Studies on Social Sciences, Education for Democracy and Citizenship) and teacher of teaching knowledge (Introduction to Teaching, History of Turkish Education, Psychology of Education, Principles and Methods of Teaching, Research Techniques, Measurement and Evaluation in Education, Management in Education, Public Education and Social Development, both in theoretical and practical levels). The graduates of philosophy departments are still considered as school counsellors in private education constitutions. Publishing houses prefer to employ philosophy graduates since our graduates are qualified in critical thinking. Additionally, our graduates are employed in various official and non-governmental organizations as experts, because of the fact that they hold the philosophical fundamentals of human rights problems considering European integration process of Turkey.