Medical Facilities

A healthy and secure environment for education is vital for educational success. Our university is well aware of this and its healthcare services are provided in our health centre. Basic objective of the healthcare services provided in this context is to protect individuals from illness, enhance healthcare capacity, offer primary care in case of a medical incident and ensure patient follow-up. Studies conducted for these purposes come under 4 main headings:

  1. Protective health studies
  2. Primary healthcare services
  3. Psychological counselling and rehabilitation
  4. Health –safety training, actions to promote health capacity

The doctor in charge of the health centre provides healthcare services within working hours. In addition, one nurse, three health officers, three ambulance drivers and one ward attendant are on staff in our health centre open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of emergency, patients are taken by health centre ambulance accompanied by the centre’s health officers to Maltepe University Medical Faculty Hospital. Maltepe University Medical Faculty Hospital is directly affiliated with our university and is located 10 to 12 minutes from the Marmara Education Village campus. Our students are examined and treated within the scope of primary healthcare services provided in cooperation with our university hospital, and referred to other healthcare organizations when needed. The hospital situated the closest distance from our campus is Süreyya Paşa Training and Research Hospital (5 to 6 minutes from campus).

Main health service centres in İstanbul and their telephone numbers are as follows:

Lütfi Kırdar Education and Research Hospital

+90 216 441 39 00

Süreyya Paşa Education and Research Hospital

+90 216 421 42 00

Maltepe University Medical Faculty  Hospital 

+90 216 444 06 20

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Education and Research Hospital

+90 216 578 30 00

Delta Hospital

+90 216 388 99 99

To raise our students as individuals with a healthy mental condition is another important focal point for our university. We therefore carry on with further studies, by observing sustainability and prevalence, in close cooperation with MUPDAEM (Maltepe University Psychological Counseling, Research-Practices and Training Centre) whose major study field is to provide professional counseling, support, research-practices and education on mental health, and also with the participation of students clubs.