Learning Facilities

a. Premises and Classrooms

The Marmara Education Village campus, home to Maltepe University, was established on 300.000 m2 of indoor space and 750.000 m2 of outdoor space, including:

  • 188 classrooms with a capacity of 8324 seats,
  • 27 laboratories,
  • 41 workshop places,
  • sport facilities,
    - 2 indoor tennis courts,
    - 3 basketball courts,
    - 3 football pitches,
    - 1 FIFA regulation size, 4 small football pitches,
    - 4 tennis outdoor tennis courts,
    - 1 indoor swimming pool,
    - 1 outdoor swimming pool,
    - 1 athleticism area (with running, long jump, high jump and hammer throwing courses)
  • 7 conference rooms with a 4.506 person seating.

The campus offers 14.12 m2 indoor and 116.5 m2 outdoor spaces per student. Our best efforts were made to design the buildings, grounds and facilities for the convenience of otherwise abled students.

b. Library

Our library has a shelf capacity of 200.000 volumes in an area of 2.500 m². It is equipped with drawing sections where students have the opportunity to study alone as well as on available computers. The library building offers wireless internet access. Rare books and special donation collections are catalogued according to the benefactor responsible for the contribution or in appreciation of a valuable educational partner; there are shelves dedicated to Prof. Dr. Nermi Uygur, the linguist Halidun-Seba Şen, Armağan Yuksel, Prof. Dr. Erkut Ozel (architecture), Nail Güreli, and Arif Hikmet. Books included in the collections are self-categorised in an open shelf arrangement. The shelf dedicated to Vedat Günyol is located in a separate building on campus.

The library continuously strives to service the campus community by providing students and faculty with up-to-date academic resources in the form of books, academic journals and periodicals, e-books, online databases, and DVDs-VCDs etc.

The ‘Official Journal Archive and Codes of Law’ dating back to 1941 are available in the ‘Periodicals Section’ and accessible for all users. In addition to 1.008 hardbound magazines and 167 national and foreign subscriptions, 2.155 magazine headings are also available in the Periodicals Section arranged alphabetically in an open shelf order. Additionally, 29 database subscriptions, including one for E-brary, full text, excerpt, e-reference and bibliographic are available.

The shift from the Dewey Decimal Classification system (DDC) to the Library of Congress classification system (LC) has been applied to our library’s system of classification. The Maltepe University library is also party to the Inter-Library Lending system (ILL).

Contact Info:

Seda Zeynep ICINHead of the Library
Telephone: +90 216 626 1050-2050,

E-mail: kutuphane@maltepe.edu.tr

Maltepe University Central Library,

Marmara Egitim Koyu 34857 Maltepe, Istanbul, Website: http://kutuphaneweb.maltepe.edu.tr

Berke GUVEN, Officer

Telephone: +90 216 626 1050-2051,

E-mail: berkeguven@maltepe.edu.tr


c. Data Processing Services

The General Directorate of Data Processing maintains high operations standards to ensure our university has a data processing infrastructure in tune with the contemporaneous requirements and conditions of our modern world. The department has one IT centre and fifteen computer labs. The main processing units are supported by a set of peripheral units including 50 servers, 1.500 PCs, network topologies, projectors, printers and scanners. In addition to applied courses, development activities are also conducted by the Data Processing Department. In addition, our students and faculty members have access to free wireless internet around the clock.

Contact Info:

Levent YALÇIN, Head of Department

Telephone: +90 216 626 1050+90 216 626 1050-2630

E-mail: leventyalcin@maltepe.edu.tr


E-mail: bilisim@maltepe.edu.tr

Musa Kazım ERGUNEY, Director for Software Project

Telephone: +90 216 626 1050+90 216 626 1050-2616

E-mail: musaerguney@maltepe.edu.tr

Merve SEZGİN, Director for Software Project

Telephone: +90 216 626 1050

E-mail: mervesezgin@maltepe.edu.tr

Bayram SÖNMEZ, Director for Software Project

Telephone: +90 216 626 1050

E-mail: bayramsonmez@maltepe.edu.tr


Goncagül BALKI YILDIZ, Head of Web Designing

Telephone: +90 216 626 1050-2624

E-mail: goncagulyildiz@maltepe.edu.tr



Telephone: +90 216 626 1050-

E-mail: vedatelcigil@maltepe.edu.tr

Ufuk TAS, Support for Users

Telephone: +90 216 626 1050-2631

E-mail: ufuktas@maltepe.edu.tr

Ali KARADENİZ, Support for Users

Telephone: +90 216 626 1050-2631

E-mail: alikaradeniz@maltepe.edu.tr

Burak SARAÇ, Support for Users

Telephone: +90 216 626 1050-2631

E-mail: buraksarac@maltepe.edu.tr


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