Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Comprehend the main concepts that are related to children with disabilities and relations between them
  2. Gain social and cultural activities those related to their field.
  3. Choose the effective and efficient methods-technics in special education practices by comparing them
  4. Have sufficient level of foreign language knowledge in order to follow the related literature.
  5. Evaluate developmental characteristics, personal differences, and achievement levels of students with special needs and reflect them in the programs that he/she will develop
  6. Identify and solve the problems that he/she is likely encounter during educational practices regarding special education field
  7. Gain sophisticated evaluation skills about developing individualized education programs, material design, and personal development of students with special needs
  8. Conduct literature reviews in the field of special education, reach up-to-date information and reflect them into their practice
  9. Know scientific research methods and technics and use them for educational practices
  10. Take responsibility and contribute to projects that inform individual, families and society and teach them related skills on special education
  11. Produce educational solutions in order to maintain the communication and interaction between children with disabilities and their nondisabled counterparts,apply these solutions and control them
  12. Maintain the communication between other professional fields and special education, guide and inform them regarding children with disabilities out of the field
  13. Gain the required skills that will represent teaching knowledge, personal and social characteristics
  14. Gain knowledge about the structure, mechanism, and history of Turkish educational system
  15. Learn how to learn and develop positive attitudes about lifelong learning