Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Has the theoretical and practical knowledge about general and gifted and talented education and the knowledge of basic concepts, principles and theories about different disciplines contributing to this knowledge.
  2. In different disciplines, develops, administers and evaluates the differentiated curriculum plans that the three factors of curriculum like content, process and product are differentiated according to the characteristics of gifted and talented students like the readiness level, interests and learning profile.
  3. By taking into consideration all the developmental areas (intellectual, physical, emotional, personality etc.), has the knowledge of holistic development of students and administers the necessary techniques to develop them in these areas.
  4. Introduces the artistic and aesthetic concepts to the students.
  5. Guides the gifted and talented students to develop their gymnastics and dance movements with the accompaniment rhythm and music: makes the students acquire basic knowledge and skills in different sport branches, the habit of eating a well-balanced diet and exercising the first-aid rules.
  6. In order to realize the learning and teaching process effectively, arranges learning environments according to the educational needs and uses equipments and educational technologies related to the field in different teaching environments.
  7. Taking into consideration the principles of confidentiality and objectivity, cooperates with parents and school counseling services about the development and education of students.
  8. Within scientific framework, evaluates the theoretical and practical studies regarding the education of gifted and talented children critically and offers solutions.
  9. With the awareness of social responsibility, makes activities concerning the education of gifted and talented children and develops projects for the social environment in which he/she lives.
  10. Follows the new developments about the gifted and talented education via professional activities like literature review, seminar, conference, and workshop and shares his/her knowledge with the related persons and institutions.
  11. Uses Turkish accurately and effectively.
  12. Uses a foreign language at the level of following the international developments in the field of the education of gifted and talented individuals and communicating with his/her foreign colleagues.
  13. In order to reach individual goals according to his/her learning needs, acquires the attitude of practicing lifelong learning principles.
  14. Takes responsibility individually or as a member of a group that consists of colleagues from various disciplines to bring solutions for complex problems encountered in practices regarding the education of the gifted and talented students.
  15. During all phases of his/her research and studies, besides showing characteristics of acting respectfully to the social, scientific, cultural and ethical values with the consciousness of national and international sensitivities cited in the National Education Basic Law, exhibits also a productive and innovative personality.