Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Is knowledgeable about business management
  2. Is knowledgeable about basic principles of economics and economic geography.
  3. Can identify basic concepts, principles, functions and problems of International Trade and Logistics Management
  4. Has extensive knowledge about warehousing, inventory management and transportation.
  5. Is knowledgeable about insurance and risk management. Knows payment and delivery methods in international trade.
  6. Takes responsibility, individually or as a group member, to solve complex and unpredictable problems.
  7. Expresses his/her knowledge, opinions and recommendations orally and in writing
  8. Using all the acquired knowledge generates optimal solutions for problems.
  9. Applies scientific methods and ethical values when collecting and interpreting the relevant data, and, announcing and implementing its results.
  10. Is conscious about occupational health and safety, social responsibility and environmental protection.
  11. Is knowledgeable about packaging and value added services.
  12. Uses necessary information and communication technologies.