Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Gains a systematic approach to new information in their expertise and is equipped with developed skills in using creative methods in their expertise
  2. In their expertise within the art of film making, develops new skills and methods in order to develop and lead society’s aesthetic perception.
  3. Acts as a decision maker in the creative fields of film making art.
  4. Obtains a critical approach when researching the relationship between cinema and society; thus brings comments on applications and works.
  5. Makes efforts to develop cinema’s functions and influences on national and global scale.
  6. Advocates their view efficiently in their expertise and communicate their views to broader masses.
  7. Follows the most recent developments in their expertise and acts with the responsibility to develop their skills.
  8. Becomes competent enough to voice their original ideas among experts in the fields and is fluent in at least one foreign language for efficient communication.
  9. Through using strategic decision making processes for solving the problems in the field of cinema and communicates effectively.
  10. Transfers the theoretical knowledge they gain in the field of cinema to the application areas within the sector and designs/ directs original projects in their expertise.
  11. Questions the relationship between daily life and national/global developments in cinema; thus brings forward new suggestions to restructure this relationship. 
  12. Takes part in national/global festivals and competitions, writes articles in peer-reviewed journals, edits them.
  13. Suggest solutions to ethical problems that could occur in practical phases of film making.
  14. Evaluates local and global influences of cinema within their historical and sociological integrity.
  15. By interpreting the changing forms and methods of production under the light of social and technological alterations, makes use of their knowledge in different fields thus contributes to the development of aesthetic perception in society.