Key Learning Outcomes

  1. To perform vocational applications by obeying present legal regulations and ethics.
  2. To attempt to prevent incidents causing discrimination and inequalities
  3. To evaluate individual needs (improvement and change needs) for Psychological Counseling correctly, it takes the informed approval; it starts the procedure by taking the individuals readiness and aspects into consideration
  4. To set up professional relations by using therapeutic skills and conditions in order to make the individuals to know, comprehend, accept and improve themselves.
  5. To perform applications of group or individual psychological counseling with a consistent institutional approach.
  6. To know individual?s characteristics, concept of self-awareness, values and expectations from life and to improve an understanding appropriate to individual?s integrity during psychological counseling session.
  7. To know contemporary educational theories and approaches; to use these theories and approaches when supporting improvement of individual, public and educational system.
  8. To help cope with factors obstructing individual?s academic success and increase his success according to his abilities
  9. To provide necessary information concerning higher educational institutions/programs open for individuals; to support students to prepare the most suitable educational opportunities list and give real decisions.
  10. To do studies related to individuals? vocational developments and supporting professions; help recognize the environmental, socio-cultural-politic factors affecting choosing vocations.
  11. To help individuals construct healthy values for themselves and for their environments, use their inner and environmental resources.
  12. To support individuals develop self -management and problem-solving skills
  13. To choose, use and administer appropriate, on purpose, valid and reliable psychological instruments in measurement and evaluation.
  14. To share educational philosophy of the school, mission and The Guidance and Psychological Counseling Program with students, families and teachers.
  15. To conduct scientific researches by using research methods and techniques.