Key Learning Outcomes

A graduate of this program:

  1. Has a strong background about a specific subject on graduate level in the field of mathematics
  2. Is able to use both theoretical and applied mathematics knowledge in other related fields
  3. Is able to provide resolutions to problems in mathematics or other related fields
  4. Is able to use technology and new tools for mathematical applications efficiently 
  5. Is able to do interdisciplinary projects
  6. Is able to provide different perspectives on a subject
  7. Understands the importance of education during life and being open to self development
  8. Has sense of responsibility
  9. Has strong skill for time management
  10. Is attached to ethics
  11. Is against any kind of discrimination and respectful towards social and cultural differences
  12. Gains ability of communication with various specialists of different fields in mathematics
  13. Gains ability of using abstract notions to express yourself, evaluating different point of views,
  14. Has principles