Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Has management perspective focused on supply chain.
  2. Has expert level knowledge in international trade and supply chain management.
  3. Is knowledgeable on storage and distribution center management, port and terminal management, and transport management issues.
  4. Is knowledgeable on customs and free zones, insurance and risk management, international marketing, and, payment and delivery forms.
  5. Knows the legal aspects of international trade and logistics.
  6. Knows inventory management, procurement and purchasing, quality and performance management.
  7. Has special knowledge about hazardous and special materials logistics, urban logistics, disaster and humanitarian aid logistics.
  8. Has the consciousness of ethical values, worker health and safety, and, social responsibility and environmental protection.
  9. Has special knowledge about the necessary information and communication technologies.
  10. Has data collection, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, reporting and producing optimal solutions systematic.