Key Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program:

  1. Make critical synthesis and evaluation of new and complex ideas in the fields of interior architecture, art and design and develops critical opinion.
  1. Develop and deepen his\her knowledge of interior design on the level of expertise based on the Bachelor qualifications.
  1. Develop innovative, aesthetic and original design solutions by creating links between interior design issues and architecture.
  1. Develop human-community oriented Project proposals with cultural sensitivity that contribute to the environmental formation process through examining social relations and norms with a critical perspective.
  1. Evaluate and use the elements of sustainable design like environment, human, society, energy in a holistic and comprehensive way.
  1. Design and apply contemporary, unique, interior elements in regard to prior knowledge of ergonomics, anthropometry, art, identity, meaning and aesthetic in an advanced level.
  1. Has the comprehensive production, technical and application information about materials of interior elements. Follow developments and produces innovative details.
  1. Use computer software, informatics and communication technologies on the required level of interior design applications interactively.
  1. Explain ideas and/or designs through contemporary presentation tools comprehensively.
  1. Plan and organize the workflow of design applications and performs cost calculations.
  1. Have the skills of reflecting his/her interdisciplinary knowledge on designing and/or application process.
  1. Take responsibility, work as a team and shows leadership by understanding the role of the interior designer in construction industry and project management,
  1. Has the ability to transmit his/her knowledge of professional principles, laws, regulations and standards into his/her work.
  1. Does systematical and critical academic research and deliver papers at national and international conferences.