Key Learning Outcomes

  1. The student has the necessary theoretical knowledge and skills to fulfill its professional roles, functions and responsibilities.
  2. The student performs nursing professional practices following professional principles and standards.
  3. The student meets the health education, counseling and care needs of healthy/sick individuals, family and society in a holistic approach following the nursing process.
  4. The student uses critical thinking and problem-solving approaches in nursing care.
  5. With the awareness of lifelong learning, the student follows the current information and technological developments in the field and puts them into practice.
  6. The student communicates effectively with healthy/sick individuals and their relatives. Works in collaboration with the health team and other disciplines.
  7. The student develops professional development as well as social, cultural and intellectual aspects.
  8. The student takes into account the relevant laws, regulations and legislation in nursing practice.
  9. The student takes part in research, projects and activities in collaboration with the health team and other disciplines with a sense of social responsibility.
  10. The student behaves following professional ethical principles and values ​​in nursing practice.
  11. The student uses evidence-based decision-making skills in nursing practice.
  12. The student follows the information in its field and communicates with colleagues by using a foreign language.
  13. The student behaves respectful and tolerant of human rights in nursing practices.