Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Application of knowledge about on gastronomy and culinary arts.
  2. Has information about and apply of international labour safe and food regulations.
  3. Has information about using tools and actual technic equipments.
  4. Learning to foreign language and follows the literature in their own field.
  5. Planing and increasing strategy in own field. Aiming to own path.
  6. Individualy learning to as a working team, well communucated and leadership.
  7. Learning to use kitchen equipment and tools.
  8. Learning to kitchen hiegene and sanitation in gastronomy.
  9. Has information about to menu planing, Food & Beverage cost control, accounting and marketing principles.
  10. Has information about purchasing to manufacturing process.
  11. Has information about foods and their nutrition facts.
  12. Application of artistic ability and skills in the field of culinary arts.
  13. Has information about Turkish and world cuisine and their application.
  14. Has information about service technics and mise en place.
  15. Learning to cooking technics and application.