Key Learning Outcomes

  1. The comprehension of and competency in the execution of the fundamental aspects of artistic production in a wide array of applications
  2. Comprehension of the fundamental aspects of Social Sciences and Ideologies which form the basis of and supplement artistic creation
  3. The competency in design and designation of the study period to tailor fit the individual goals and objectives
  4. The competency in designing characters and props, creating storyboards, digital models and designs for all forms of Visual Storytelling applications
  5. The competency in the development and expression of a personal evaluation through conducting a technical and artistic analysis for various forms of Visual Storytelling applications
  6. The competency in the application of artistic and fundamental aspects of Audio-Visual interaction in Film Language
  7. The competency in the execution of the fundamental aspects of the Art and Theory of Animation
  8. The comprehension of the historical background of the artistic and industrial evolution of Animation. The development of a personal understanding and a stance towards the current state and the future of the Art Form
  9. The competency in execution of designed and/or designated segments of Animation production in various techniques
  10. The competency in the creation and execution of Character Animation applications at or above the industry and/or festival screening quality
  11. The competency in assessing and evaluating the artistic and professional career objectives and paths and the execution of the required elements.
  12. The competency in design, proposal and the execution of a personal Animated Film Project.