Our students are expected to do internships in order to enhance, apply and improve the theoretical knowledge they learn in a real word context.


Every student first needs to get their “internship admittance form" signed by the institution they will do the internship and then give it to the faculty/ graduate school commission or to the department internship coordinator and the admittance form should be approved at least four weeks before the internship starts.

For the compulsory internships required by some faculties due to its education characteristics, the application dates are announced by the faculty/ graduate school internship commission or the internship coordinators at the faculties.

Duration and quality

The minimum duration of internships for students attending a regular academic department as well as the vocational school has to comply with the duration stated in the faculty /vocational school internship regulations. The actualization conditions of these internships are settled by the Senate by faculty/ departmental proposal.

Students do their internships in institutions which conform with the regulations decided and stated by the internship commissions. The acceptance of an institution becomes definite with the approval of the related faculty/vocational school commission.

Students whose unexcused absences total 10% or more of their internship time are considered to be inactive or non-participatory.

Students can do their compulsory internships abroad unless they hinder their normal designated education programme. After the internship admittance documents are evaluated by the related commission, it is decided if the student will be allowed to do their internship abroad.

Submission of Internship Report

Each student has to write an internship report and has to submit it before deadline. The report is written in the course language of the programme in accordance with the content and writing rules stated in the internship regulations of the faculty/department. The reports are submitted to the commission within the prescribed time.

For graduation, the submission and the evaluation of the reports have to be completed by the time the results of the additional courses of the senior class students are announced. If these processes are not completed, students in such positions will not be permitted to graduate.

The Evaluation of Internship

Internship reports are examined and evaluated by the commission of the faculty/vocational school or by assigned instructors. If required, the student can be interviewed about their internship, be made to perform in lieu of their application and/or be asked to write their report again.

Internship evaluations are conducted under the conditions stated in the regulations and evaluated as successful or unsuccessful. The results are given to Student Affairs via the faculty dean's office/ vocational school management. If the student is considered unsuccessful in their internship, it is repeated in a different institution under the same conditions.