Environment and Energy Technologies Research and Application Centre

The aim of the centre is to make application-oriented studies on environment and energy technologies and to develop technologies. In order to achieve this the centre:

  • Makes studies to maximise productivity in traditional energy use such as coal, fuel oil, natural gas and nuclear energy  and to minimise/recover possible negative effects of power plants on nature and develops and implements new methods, processes and technologies
  • Make studies to develop methods, processes and technologies to produce biodegradable and renewable alternative energy sources such as wind, sun, geothermal and bio-mass and to encourage all studies on that
  • Makes studies and develops / implements technologies on new and clean energy use in vehicles
  • Determines energy use performance in air, land, sea and space transportation vehicles and improves materials, methods and technologies in order to use energy efficiently and effectively  interdisciplinary science and technology areas such as natural sciences, engineering, architecture and city planning
  • Gives expertise in energy production methods and technologies in terms of environmental law and energy law when deemed necessary
  • Educates specialist research assistants and lecturers on environment and energy technologies
  • Carries out mutual projects with the industry, other universities and research institutions
  • Contributes to research and improvement studies on environment and energy technologies in Turkey by infrastructure, projects and educated labour force
  • Supports studies on environment energy technologies at the departments of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Architecture of the universities and creates a platform for interdisciplinary studies
  • Contributes to the transfer of the knowledge gained through improved technologies to users